Astoria is an open-concept space located in Minneapolis, KS. The building is intended to be a space that can be whatever is needed. The main room is 800 sq feet of open area. Wall dividers can be added if you want to create a cozy corner for a meeting or left open for musical events, weddings, and classes. 

The new addition to the space holds the bathroom, some additional storage, and a utility sink. This makes having art classes a breeze for cleaning up. 

Our favorite part of this space is the back patio. It is a gorgeous outdoor space, a perfect place for additional seating or working. 

Astoria is owned and run by Karen & Justin Reed. This business model is a way to give the community a venture space. The goal is to have community center designed to allow everyone to pursue their dreams and goals.  We want to help those starting and running small businesses and help facilitate the sharing of creative passions. We have an open space that encourages art shows, musical events, parties and weddings. We envisioned a space for groups to meet and have fun. We want to sponsor events that bring the community together. 

Plans for this space include creating an outdoor mural, a blessing box to help community members who may be suffering from food scarcity, and a way for people to give back and help others; we want to foster the arts by working with the Ottawa County Arts and Humanities Council, and working on finding ways to connect community together. Karen is in process of finishing her schooling in meditation and mindfulness coaching and will be bringing meditation and yoga classes to the community.